Booking Statuses

Booking Statuses in Trizeri

What each booking status means and how you can understand it.

  • Requested

Assigned automatically for all new bookings created manually or received from sales or advertising channels.

  • Waiting

Assigned if the information inside the reservation is not complete. For example, if there are cancellations without confirmation, the actions of the employee or partner are expected.

  • On hold

Assigned by a Finance Manager if the documents were received by the Finance Department based on the booking. This may also indicate that work with the client has started and is continuing.

  • Processing

Assigned if this document or reservation is filled in during the period (for example, waiting for an additional staff trip). It can also mean working with the client when it is suspended but will resume after a while.

  • Confirmed

Assigned if all data inside has confirmation. It is a sign that everything is ok and other departments can continue to work with it.

  • Completed

The document is completely ready. It may mean that the customer has been served, the money has been received, or the contact has been established.

  • Canceled

The reservation was canceled after receiving the reservation list or the customer canceled their decision.

  • Deleted

Used instead of deleting. It implies erroneous data, or data not to be taken into account in the work. It may mean working with a client who has stopped contacting you.

You can create your own logic for working with statuses in your department or company.

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