Finance Statuses

Finance Statuses in Trizeri

What each booking status means and how you can understand it.

  • Draft

Assigned automatically for all new finances created manually.

  • Send

Assigned if the document was created and submitted for verification or is awaiting payment.

  • Paid

Assigned if the document is paid in full.

  • Partial

Assigned if the document is partially paid for.

  • Unpaid

Assigned if the document is overdue for payment.

  • Completed

The document is completely ready. This may mean that working with the document is complete and does not require additional or related documents.

  • Canceled

The financial document was canceled after being sent by the recipient.

  • Deleted

Used instead of deleting. This implies erroneous data or data that should not be taken into account in the work.

You can create your own logic for working with statuses in your department or company.

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