Strategy Adjustment

Trizeri Strategy Adjustment SWOT

Initiating a digital transformation of a workplace and online channels can bring many benefits, including better employee experience, stronger talent acquisition, and more efficient operations.

SWOT analysis (which identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) is a strategic planning business tool for making major changes, such as introducing new business models and digital transformation.

A SWOT analysis enables decision-makers to gain a comprehensive insight into all factors for the proposed action. It also requires businesses to base decisions on data analytics, rather than hypotheses and assumptions.

Strengths are the positive qualities of a business that allow it to work effectively, generate revenue, and achieve business goals.

  • Things a business does well
  • Competitive qualities
  • Internal resources
  • Tangible assets

Weaknesses are those aspects of a business that damage perceived and actual value or prevent it from outperforming its competitors.

  • Things that business lacks
  • Competitors do better
  • Limited resources
  • Unclear Unique Selling Proposition

Opportunities are factors that a business can use to gain an advantage over its competitors in the market.

  • Underserved markets
  • Few competitors in business area
  • Emerging needs
  • Press/media coverage

Threats include anything outside the business that could negatively affect its ability to implement a digital transformation strategy.

  • Emerging competitors
  • Changing regulatory environment
  • Negative press/media coverage

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